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Cuckoo bird sound

Cuckoo bird sound

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Swampy, wetland ambience with a cuckoo bird calling. + more info Rural morning ambience -- cuckoos, birds, dogs, and other village sounds (2). + more info. The cuckoo is a bird with a hollow-sounding, plaintive call that sounds like: coo- coo coo coo-coo-coo. Its name was taken from the sound of its call. The female. Listen to more sounds of this species from the ML archive. Male Yellow-Billed Cuckoos make a distinctive series of hollow, wooden-sounding.

Common Cuckoo · Cuculus canorus · Linnaeus, , Spain, El Solsonès (near Els Prats de Rei), Lérida, Cataluña, , song. bird-seen:no. The famous 'cuc-oo' call of the male gives the bird its name, and is a sure sign The cuckoo is parasitic upon the nests of birds such as the meadow pipit, reed. 8 Sep That means they lay eggs in the nests of other birds, which then put the effort into That chuckle doesn't sound at all like the male cuckoo call.

Figure 5. Vocalizations of the Black-billed Cuckoo. A. Cucucu Call (New York State, 25 Jun ). B. Croak Call (New York, Jun ). C. Alarm Call (New York. The cuckoo is a migrating bird. When the male calls out, it makes a low sound like coo-coo coo coo-coo! However You can listen to the cuckoo's song here. There's just something magical about the sound of a cuckoo bird. Its 'coo' delights and warms us, and stirs within us a pleasant nostalgia. But how did the. "The Cuckoo" (Roud ) is a traditional English folk song, also sung in the USA, Canada, The cuckoo is a pretty bird, she sings as she flies; she brings us glad tidings, and she tells us no lies. According to Thomas Goldsmith of The Raleigh. Shining Cuckoo - from a collection of audio about Birdwatching with This Way Up . Birds: Shining cuckoo. 10 Sep We're on the hunt for the rather.


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