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Lineage 2 auto cp-hp-mp clicker

Lineage 2 auto cp-hp-mp clicker

Name: Lineage 2 auto cp-hp-mp clicker

File size: 579mb

Language: English

Rating: 10/10



7 Feb The program for automatic recovery CP, HP and MP in Lineage II C4, First right click on the taskbar icon and press DEFINE WINDOW. 2. Lineage 2 Control Auto CP/Hp Radar War Characters and More Radar for Lineage II with auto-CP/HP mode. Double click - to follow to the purpose, or attack in PvP zone. 9. Tracking condition HP/MP of the main character and healer. Auto CP / HP Lineage 2 Hellbound / Gracia (and Interlude, C4) This is the best Auto Cp / Hp application for Lineage 2. Works for Hellbound, Gracia and even.

16 Mar Auto cp/hp/mp/elixirs/skills/F buttons clicker (its safe) (the second one:L2 Potion User zip 03/27/10 Lineage 2. Project IMG presents LII Auto MP/CP/HP Clicker Undetectable, no Step 2 = Make sure your CP/HP/MP is full then minimize l2. Step 3 = Then. Introducing Lineage II Valliance AutoCP v -Works on retail, works through GameGuard, FrostGuard and LameGuard -Custom GUI settings.

Lineage 2 auto cp-hp-mp clicker download. Click here to get file. Auto cp/hp/mp clicker tutorial download link added. Tutorial cp reload enche cp sozinho. 21 Mar [TOOL] ACP v1_1_3 - automatic CP/HP/MP software clicker!!! Lineage II English & Greek Section => Lineage II Exploits [English] => Topic. Various options to auto-target the next monster, including your own custom target list. To associate the window to the bot, just click the “Select L2 Window” button , . I was able to select my client, made the clicking sound and my CP/HP/MP is. anyone here haves a idea how i can make a CP Macro? i dont wanna press You would have to bind a macro to "F" key or click it with the mouse, what's the point? The HP macro is pretty similar except i use 6 3 and 6 4. l2 cp kliker help pls - posted in Ask for Help: #ifWinActive, Lineage II #UseHook ON `::Suspend, toggle:: Loop It should be an auto cp clicker.

Lineage2 Game PMfun Forums. /useshortcut 7 2. And u can use a clicker if u want and always use elixirs (CP/HP/MP). EQUIP MACRO's. 2 апр l2Tracker - universal clicker moving between spots; Can use items/skills/ macros depending on HP/MP/CP; Robust setup from healer support; Allows you to control oop buffers healers from main window *; Auto CP usage. Lineage 2 Como Colocar Interface CP/HP/MP Auto CP/HP/MP Clicker tutorial ( download link added) GS Auto Clicker lineage2 (Автокликер для мышки). Using auto cps/hp/mp, WH's, auto clickers, want a proof @OpalSnow just pm just banned from other l2 interlude x5 server, with whole clan and their bots. . my auto clicker, auto cp,auto assist,auto cancel your target, auto.


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